Do Something New in 2017.

Dear reader,  Creativity takes courage. Henri Matisse There’s always been a wish every blogger prays for, a magic writing pen. I sometimes wish I can have my blog posts written by my thoughts and not my fingers. Maybe a post every two days target would have been a story now. That’s by the way guys,  What the 17! So the New Year has been welcomed … Continue reading Do Something New in 2017.

Think Outside the Box. Just do it

open sourceDear friend,  So today I decided to do some photography shopping. Even though I’m a photographer who doesn’t believe in gear acquisition, some gear are still needed as a portrait photographer. I got a light stand and two umbrellas to start with. I had been shooting off camera last year until… Trigger packed up.  Do not try to repair em Last September I bought … Continue reading Think Outside the Box. Just do it

Is Retouching the key to good pictures? – No! 

Good day readers,  Merry Christmas. It’s snowy ❄ over there but as we would expect, harmattarn is here, we haven’t seen such extreme ones as it would be when I was much younger, maybe climate change has actually come to pass, if so, can’t wait to see snow in Nigeria then. That’s by the way!!!  Some days ago, we were chatting on my whatsapp group … Continue reading Is Retouching the key to good pictures? – No! 

New Year Resolutions – Making One? 

As I write this post I can vividly remember certain photography promises I made to myself last year?  At this time last here, here was what was in my bag Sonya200, 50mm SAM lens,  Konica Minolta Film Flash  5-in-1 reflector  And that’s all.  Fast forward to this year Sony a58, 50mm Godox Trigger and Receiver  2 digital speedlites  Hey, nothing seems special right? No something … Continue reading New Year Resolutions – Making One? 


Several Individuals have delved into one or two endeavours in their lives. Kelechi – Amadi Obi, a lawyer by profession took to photography to not just survive but express art in its uttermost reality, Funmi Iyanda, a graduate of Geography from the University of Ibadan is today an award winning Talk – show host and was named one of Forbes 20 Youngest Power Women in … Continue reading PHOTOGRAPHY: ART OR BUSINESS?

We risk it to get the biscuit!

Dear reader, It’s been a great 2 years as an entrepreneur. Taking the decision whilst I was still a teenager is something I would always count as the most important moment of my life. The journey is fun of course but there’s only one unwanted passenger – RISK When you are yet to take a single risk as an entrepreneur, you are not yet in … Continue reading We risk it to get the biscuit!

A Photographer’s Sojourn

Friday, 12th August was the day I’d decided to travel down to Abuja. Exactly a year ago, I was in the country’s capital.This time, its to teach photography to a group of young Christian teenagers. The day before My everyday transport company choice isn’t operating in Ibadan and that made matters worse, I couldn’t book online. I had to go to ring road the previous … Continue reading A Photographer’s Sojourn

Jesus Cadet – Breakfast With Fun

This Sunday, I woke up and got dressed, I had promised Obafemi Ifeoluwa that I was going to worship with her a few Sundays back but then, had exams and the subsequent Sundays were another story entirely. This Sunday, 31st July 2016, I made sure I was present unknown to me, it was their breakfast and variety Sunday so it was fun all through and … Continue reading Jesus Cadet – Breakfast With Fun