Photography and it’s meddlers

Its Over 7 years of handling cameras, being at several job situations and met with clients from far and wide, I can concretely say ‘don’t mind the photography meddlers’ You might wonder, why am writing about this topic. The reason isn’t far fetched, not at all. Let me share a story with you. I was at a printing office some months ago and I was … Continue reading Photography and it’s meddlers

Do Something New in 2017.

Dear reader,  Creativity takes courage. Henri Matisse There’s always been a wish every blogger prays for, a magic writing pen. I sometimes wish I can have my blog posts written by my thoughts and not my fingers. Maybe a post every two days target would have been a story now. That’s by the way guys,  What the 17! So the New Year has been welcomed … Continue reading Do Something New in 2017.